17-Yr-Old Dies Tragically After Giving Mom a Necklace Then See What Happens When Mom Went To New York.


It all began with a journey to New York City & hellip;

At the age of 16, Vicky Pyne’s child, Alice, understood her last days were upon her after a ruthless fight with Hodgkin’ s lymphoma.

Wanting to leave an unique memory for her mama, Alicedecided to craft auniquely etched locket bearing the finger prints of her and her sibling within 2 silver hearts.

At 17, Alice died, and the beauty pendant ended up being Vicky’& rsquo; smost valued ownership and memory of her late child. She never ever took it off.


But about a year later on, Vicky travelled to New York City, and while she was sightseeing along 34th street, the locket slipped off of her neck unconsciously.

After dropping it on among the most well-trafficked locations in the nation, Vicky understood it would take a  Miracle on 34th Street to discover her valuable memento back. On a street stomped by thousands and countless individuals every day, the chances of recuperating it were remarkably slim. She backtracked all her actions consistently, however had no luck.

Reluctantly, Vickydecided to fly back the home of Manchester, England, however she chose not to quit hope on discovering the locket. She published a plea on Facebook in hopes that it might reach the complete stranger who discovered it.

Amazingly, later on that day, Freddie Ortiz and his other half Emily were going shopping when Freddie stopped to repair his child’s shoe. It was at that minute that a peek of silver captured his eye.

He had actually discovered the pendant.

The next day, he was on Facebook when he discovered a buddy had actually shared Vicky’s publish about the missing out on locket. He might barely think his eyes. Exactly what were the chances ?!

He quickly sent Vicky an email communicating fortunately.

Needless to state, she was definitely FLOORED.

When Inside Edition captured wind of this incredible story, they wished to belong of reuniting Vicky with the piece of fashion jewelry that she valued far above any diamond on the planet.

Watch as these lovely complete strangers fulfill for the very first time in anemotional encounter that left Vicky weeping tears of offensive delight.