2 Dudes Get a Wrong # Text Announcing Babys Birth What They Did Next Just Made Internet History!!

Everyone has received the odd text message before that was meant to be sent to someone else. Usually we just ignore it. These guys did the opposite and its taking the internet by storm!

It starts with Mark and Lindsey Knox. They just had a baby and they proceeded to do what is common nowadays. They texted out the good news to family and friends.

The grandmother actually sent out the text and didnt realize that a wrong number got thrown in the mix. Heres how the texting started out:

Deorick and Denis Williams received the odd text. They actually decided not to ignore it, but instead let the texter know that they texted the big news to the wrong number.

But, grandma was very excited about the news, and proceeded to respond with a picture of the infant.

These guys could have again ignored the message, but they decided to do something different.

As baby lovers themselves, they thought, Hey, why not join in on the newborn celebration?!

Deorick and Denis headed straight to the hospital, bearing gifts for mom and baby to boot!

Three texts ago, they were strangers, and now these guys are practically family!

The touched grandmother posted the above picture to Facebook along with this caption:

I accidentally [texted] a message about Mark and Lindsey having a baby to a number I had in my phone for someone else which now belongs to Mr. Dennis Williams and he and his brother came by to visit us and brought the baby a gift! What a blessing these two guys were to our family. They were so sweet and kind to do this! You 2 are great guy sand thank you for giving to someone you didnt know! Many blessing I pray for you. I think his brother was Derrius Williams. Cason Knox, Lindsey, & Mark Lashley thanks you. Please share this with anyone you know and hopefully these guys will see. If we all only had this kind of heart.

Pretty cool what these brothers did. Total strangers who decided to reach out and offer their congratulations. No doubt these guys will be family friends for life!

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