Berlin police use seriously creepy pictures to warn about clowns

After infecting the United States, UK and Australia, the clown fad has actually now reached Germany, in the nick of time for Halloween.

There have actually been episodes including clowns in Berlin, Rostock, Greifswald and Wesel.

Local authorities have actually taken a distinct technique to handling the events.

Authorities in Berlin have actually published pictures of scary clowns on their main Facebook and Twitter accounts with the caption “Pranks have effects” and “The celebration is over”.


The very first image includes a smiling white-faced clown with the stars and stripes of the American flag over his forehead, a possible referral to where the fad began.

The other image reveals a ghost-faced clown with bloody red eyes.

“We comprehend enjoyable – however not every type is enjoyable,” Berlin cops stated in a Facebook declaration entitled “Not amusing at all”. “Online tricks belong to our daily lives and a lot of them are actually amusing and make us laugh, too. Numerous, however not all.”

It follows a knife attack in Berlin including 2 teens. A 14-year-old stabbed a 16 years of age who was using a clown mask and terrifying a group of individuals with a hammer in his hand.

In another occurrence in Berlin, 2 masked guys aimed to rob a 25-year-old in the area of Schonenberg.

In Wesel, a chainsaw-wielding clown frightened a female and in Rostock a 15-year-old was gone after by another masked figure.

“I’m scared that the unsightly pattern of clown attacks will spread out in the huge cities over Halloween,” the head of Germany’s primary cops union, Rainer Wendt, stated . “The clowns are not just bad guys however morons. To frighten somebody in such a horrible method makes up an attack.”

People have actually been talking about the Berlin authorities Facebook post as the scary clown fad appears to spread out throughout the nation: