Chrissy Teigen found a way to include an absent John Legend in a family Santa photo

The essential to a fantastic Christmas image is Santa. John Legend is less needed, so long as you have a couple of craft products.

Chrissy Teigen , for instance, took her and Legend’s child Luna to snap a household picture with Santa Claus on Wednesday. Legend, nevertheless, was away in Paris, so Teigen improvised by making a mask of her other half’s face and having another individual pretend to be him.

Talk about a vacation hack!

And Twitter, with its legion of ardent Teigen fans, enjoyed it.

We are less sure about John Legend himself, who simply responded,”savage.”

Want to make your very own John Legend mask? Appears like you’ll require a little stick, an image of John Legend’s head and some sort of adhesive. Easy enough. Delighted crafting, and please attempt not to terrify Santa.