Elsewhere, people are frying eggs on cars, because it’s so damn hot

As a kid, trying to fry an egg on the walkway was the go-to experiment in heat.

For cops in Queensland, Australia, the weekend heatwave which struck much of the nation was the best chance to re-live their youth, instead of, you understand, resolve some criminal offenses.

The town of Birdsville hasn’t had an afternoon under 41 degrees celsius (105 degrees) given that Jan. 26, so it makes the ideal setting for a fry up. Simply pay attention to that egg sizzle on the vehicle’s bonnet. Outstanding.

Image: queensland cops

In the inland town of Dalby, Queensland, there was another effort to formulate an egg on the 68 degrees celsius (154 degrees) pavement.

45 minutes later on, the egg was prepared, kinda. Let’s simply state it’s not something you ‘d serve … or consume.

But it does show something: It’s extremely hot in Australia. Now, who’s starving?