Ivana Trump Is Asking To Be Donald Trump’s Ambassador To The Czech Republic Which Is So Crazy It Might Just Happen!

We’re about all set to awaken from this headache

Even if you were

As Celebrity Apprentice star Omarosa so kindly mentioned, Trump has actually been keeping an opponents note the whole time his project path which suggests there aren’t lots of candidates offered who’ve any hope of passing the unique vetting procedure.

While RNC Chair Reince Priebus and Breitbart NewsSteve Bannon have actually currently been selected White House Chief of Staff and primary strategist , respectively, Donald’s ex-wife Ivana Trump is seeking to beguile First Lady Melania Trump with a political position of her own:

The Ambassador to the Czech Republic

Speaking to The New York Post on Friday, Ivanka Trump ‘s mother made her White House wants understood, stating:

“I will recommend that I be ambassador for the Czech Republic. It’s where I’m from and my language and everyone understands me. I’m rather understood all around the world. Not just in America. I have actually composed 3 books, and they were equated in 40 nations in 25 languages. I’m understood by the name Ivana. I truly did not require the name Trump.”

Well, we can see exactly what they shared

The craziest feature of this is that Ivana’s thinking in fact makes good sense compared with almost whatever else Trump has actually been gushing.

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Still, does Donald’s infant mother think he’ll ever step foot in 1600 Penn ??

” I do not believe he will ever quit the Trump Tower. I understand it is most likely troublesome for the locals, however he is going to work it out. He is moving to the White House. To be completely truthful, I believe most likely the Trump Tower and my town home in New York is far better than the White House. Donald is really ideal: He stated if a lot of Presidents prior to can live there, so can [ he] [] I do not believe he’s going to do gold leafing in the White House.”

Of course not he’ll be doing orange.


But on a major note, an Ivana ambassadorship would set an unfavorable precedent for a great deal of possibly frightening titles .

Secretary of Commerce Marla Maples , anybody??

What do YOU consider Donald giving out titles to his family and friends?

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