Japans Top Inventor Promises Amazing Sex, Killer Wigs, and Surefire Putters

At 88, Dr. Yoshiro Nakamatsu , a.k.a. Dr. Nakamats, is something of a star in Japan. He’s a respected developer, declaring more patents than anybody else in history. A few of his developments, like the floppy, are definitely legitimate, and he produced a suction gadget that has actually ended up being a staple in Japanese houses for managing things like soy sauce and kerosene. Others, well, there’s a wig with an integrated shuriken for self-defense. There’s a sex potion, LoveJet 69, that assures orgiastic enjoyments and, as if that weren’t enough, increased life period. Perhaps they’re associated.

Hello World‘s host, Ashlee Vance, visited his house and laboratory in the Tokyo suburban area of Setagaya. Dr. Nakamats took Vance on a trip of his development museum and patent shrine and permitted him to check out his cancer-curing BarcaLounger. It’s uncertain if any cancer was treated, however Dr. Nakamats definitely placed on an excellent program.