Oregon Zoo animals enjoying their snow day will help you through yours

Is there anybody who delights in a snow day more than kids who simply got a day of rest school?

Yes. Zoo animals.

The Oregon Zoo closed its doors the other day due to a snow storm that moved through the location. With their time off, the zoo animals chose to take the day on their own and completely take pleasure in the snowy weather condition. What outcomes is the prettiest video of the winter season thanks to the Oregonian .

The Oregon Zoo likewise tweeted out their own video of animals tumbling and rolling around in the snow. It is an uncommon reward to see an elephant challenged with snow, not actually understand exactly what to do, however then recognize it’s in fact the very best thing ever.

And can we discuss that seal who is intensely poking its next-door neighbor like hello, hello, hello, hi this day is fantastic? Somebody get a voiceover on this, stat.