People Pointed Out That His Dog Looked Just Like Him, So They Started Dressing As Twins

I f you’ve ever seen a pet dog and human set and idea, “wow, they look alike,” you’re not alone. A great deal of canines appear like their owners– whether they grew or began that method to resemble their human equivalents.

And truthfully, it makes good sense. Individuals who are well-groomed will most likely keep their pets well-groomed, too. If they’re not subdued by them, smaller sized individuals tend to have smaller sized canines– it’s simpler for them to deal with the puppies. Taking this into factor to consider, it appears affordable that many people will look rather like their canines.

But this set takes it to the next level. Topher Brophy embraced his Aussiedoodle, Rosenberg, and the 2 instantly ended up being buddies. It wasn’t till Rosenberg outgrew his pup stage, however, that Brophy understood they were more than simply friends– they held true doppelgngers.

Once he observed how alike they looked, Brophy took it one action even more: he employed a pet stylist and began purchasing coordinating clothing for Rosenberg and himself.

It didn’t take much for Rosenberg to begin appearing like Brophy’s twin.

They currently had the coordinating salt and pepper hair, the sweet hazel eyes, the shabby beard, and the basic neglected appearance.

Brophy described to The Dodo, ” We look a lot alike physically, and do whatever together, so dressing the very same simply feels natural for us.”

The finest good friends have actually dressed up as whatever from sailors, to hippies, to firefighters, to investigators, to business people.

Brophy stated, ” If we can make individuals smile, even for a 2nd, we have something to be happy with– in addition to our matching, glossy, streaming hairs and green eyes, obviously.”

If you like these 2 and their coordinating attire,

h/t The Dodo