Simpsons Illustrator Shows What Would Happen If Animals Celebrated Halloween (14+ Pics)

Elizabeth (Liz) Climo, the gifted illustrator who you may acknowledge from our previous posts here and here , is back with cute Halloween-themed illustrations of her animation animals. If they engaged with each other the method we do, her easy and charming comics think of the daily issues and minutes that animals may deal with.

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When she isn’ t drawing animal animations, Climo works as a character artist and storyboard deconstructionist for The Simpsons. “ My day task can be quite requiring, so it’ s hard enough simply discovering the time to do these comics, ” she composes on her site. She develops kids’ s books with her art and offers welcoming cards.

The story of how she got to develop these wonderful comics and work for The Simpsons is likewise a motivating one: “ I studied Art at San Jose State University however was declined when I used to the school of Animation. 2 weeks later on, I got a task on The Simpsons. The lesson? Remain in school — unless the school doesn’ t desire you and you get a task deal. Because case pack your bags and wear’ t recall. ”