Sydney helicopter crash: four people including three-year-old emerge unscathed

Helicopter required to make emergency situation landing in thick scrub near Bundeena after engine malfunctioned

Four individuals, consisting of a kid, have actually been winched to security in a significant rescue following a helicopter crash-landing in bushland near Sydney .

The helicopter was required to make an emergency situation landing in the Royal National Park near Bundeena, 30km south of Sydney, on Saturday early morning. 4 individuals were onboard, consisting of a three-year-old young boy, all associated to the pilot.

All were unscathed in the crash, and winched out by the Westpac life rescue helicopter and flown to Bundeena.

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Rescue helicopter representative Steve Leahy stated the little helicopter had actually been flying off the coast of southern Sydney simply after 10am when its engine malfunctioned.

The pilot had the ability to direct the airplane back to land and it made an emergency situation landing in thick scrub, about 1km from Jibbon Beach.

The rescue helicopter looked out to the crash by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority.

Leahy stated the helicopter was basically covered by that thick scrub. A rescue team officer needed to crawl on knees and hands to the mishap website.

December 17, 2016

All 4 individuals had just small injuries consisting of abrasions and cuts. They were flown to an assembly location at Bundeena where they got medical attention. The pilot was helping authorities.

Leahy stated they were really fortunate.

The pilots simply done an extraordinary task … the worst-case circumstance is theres prospective, if the pilot had actually been unskilled, that the helicopter might have crashed into the ocean. It might have been a deadly mishap … nevertheless, this pilot has actually revealed fantastic ability and had the ability to conserve the lives of everybody onboard.