These Bizarre Creatures Defy What We Think We Know About Plants And Animals

 The Conversation You may have played the video game called animal, veggie, mineral. One gamer considers a things or organism and the other gamers ask concerns to attempt to think exactly what it is beginning with this basic category. Nature isn’t really this easy. There are lots of groups of living types that are neither animals nor plants.

We have the tendency to think about plants as organisms that stall and utilize photosynthesis to produce energy from sunshine and make their own natural particles from the soil. And we see animals as animals that feed and move on other organisms to acquire the energy and particles they require.

But lots of organisms challenge those descriptions. The Venus flytrap, in spite of being a plant, feeds upon other organisms and a few of its parts move much faster than its regrettable animal victim. Numerous groups of animals do not live and move connected to a surface area for the majority of their life, consisting of sponges, corals, barnacles and mussels among others.

Its still reasonably simple to state whether these animals are animals or plants. There are other organisms whose nature is more mystifying. Here are a few of the most interesting animals who defy our easy classifications.

Hungry sea anemones

Pick a flower, lose a finger. Shutterstock

Sea polyps are technically animals, however they look a lot like plants that they are called after a group of flowers. Even Aristotle , the ancient Greek who produced among the worlds initially systems for categorising life, was puzzled by them. He categorized polyps as zoophytes, organisms bearing qualities of both groups.