This Heartbreaking Video Shows You Just What Testing On Animals Is Really Like

In France, a stunning video was just recently shot in the Alfort National Veterinary School. There, generations of pet dogs have actually been reproduced to have devastating and uncomfortable illness, all in the name of “research study.”

The research studies are moneyed by AFM-T lthon with the objective of discovering a remedy for muscular dystrophy in people. Golden retrievers, beagles, and other types are secured cages, and, as the illness advances, battle to consume, stroll, and breathe. Many are entirely maimed within 6 months, and almost half pass away prior to they are a years of age. Those that do make it through experience heart disease.

Sadly, even workers of the veterinary school understand how incorrect the practice is. One can be heard stating, “I would not prefer to remain in the beagle’s location. The suffering is genuine.” Later on, an administrator confesses that they would lose financing if the general public understood exactly what they were doing.

After seeing the eyewitness video for myself, I hope that’s real.

Watching the attention-starved canines battle to stroll, consume, and breathe is exceptionally difficult. Up until there is more awareness about the concern, more canines will continue to suffer.

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