Twitter is appropriately freaking out about hairless animals

Image: Getty Images

If you reveal me a photo of an animal that’s expected to have hair or plumes without hair or plumes, I’ll reveal you exactly what I appear like when I yell as loud as I can and toss a computer system throughout the space.

Twitter, it appears, is on the exact same page.

Writer and comic Dana Schwartz was doing some crucial googling and encountered an image exposing exactly what owls appear like without plumes.

Owls, it ends up, are bug-birds with 98% alien DNA. It’s since the federal government didn’t desire you to understand if you didn’t understand. The public will end up being worried and the economy might drop if this details spreads.

Schwartz’s thread rapidly became a video game of “who can share the most stunning hairless animal” and think exactly what, everyone won.

Everything you believed you understood is a lie.

There are tricks to this universe that you are not privy to.

Nothing is concrete. All life is however a theory.

Go now, go back to your life. Forget that you’ve seen this.