Watch Billy Eichner yell at people about Donald Trump

Billy Eichner is back to shout at unwary onlookers on Nov. 15, and it must come as not a surprise that Donald Trump is among the topics of his refuse.

In Season 5 of truTV’s Billy on the Street, the verbose host quizzes New Yorkers about everything from Cate Blanchett to well-known racists. In one section, he starts a business in front of among the city’s most dissentious areas: “I’m here on the Upper West Side, standing in front of the Trump Hotel, where, if you’re remaining here, you made your appointment method advance or you’re a genuine asshole.”

Jon Hamm, John Oliver, Keegan-Michael Key, Seth Rogen, Lupita Nyong’ o and Room star Jacob Tremblay are amongst the celeb visitors for the brand-new season.