We asked strangers to guess iconic movies and TV shows from just the outfits

LONDON Fabulously kooky, amusing and unabashedly uncomfortable AF; British movies and TELEVISION programs hold a location in all of our hearts.

What’s more: these motion pictures and reveals take place to boast some quite dapper not to discuss ratchet outfits.

But, can you recognize these cherished, renowned motion pictures and programs from the attire alone? Mashable strike the streets throughout London Fashion Week to put street design stars’ understanding to the test.

And it ends up it wasn’t all that simple.

‘ Downton Abbey’

Image: Marco Kesseler/ mashable

Downton Abbey. Ive seen a couple of episodes, however I understand this is the child that lost her partner and this is the granny. Ono Bello, publication editor.

‘ Love Actually’

Image: Marco Kesseler/ MASHABLE

Im not from the UK so I wouldnt understand. Jordan Blackwell, trainee at London College of Fashion.

‘ Bridget Jones’ Diary’

Image: Marco Kesseler// MASHABLE

The feat is Im not British so I do not know the motion pictures here. I just understand Harry Potter due to the fact that its renowned for Great Britain. Luana Codreanu, editor of Last Minute Couture.

‘ Father Ted’

Image: Marco Kesseler/ MASHABLE

” Father Ted!” Verna Taylor Barker, stylist.

‘ Notting Hill’

Image: Marco Kesseler// MASHABLE

Notting Hill.” Tiffanee Marie Lim, designer.

‘ Four Weddings and a Funeral’

Image: Marco Kesseler/ MASHABLE

Four Weddings and a Funeral.” Rhianne Clifford, material and editorial supervisor at Debenhams.

‘ Pride and Prejudice’

Image: Marco Kesseler/ MASHABLE

” I do not see TELEVISION Im a book individual! Pride and Prejudice!.?.!?” Danielle Willis, social networks editor at The Full publication.

‘ Absolutely Fabulous’

Image: Marco Kesseler/ MASHABLE

” Im truly bad at this. No, Im not familiar.” Patricia Sah, trainee at London College of Fashion.

‘ Harry Potter’

Image: Marco Kesseler/ MASHABLE

Harry Potter.” Aram Kabbani, designer.

‘ The Secret Garden’

Image: Marco Kesseler/ MASHABLE

Pride!.?.!? “Ya Ling, designer, and Peggy, trainee.

‘ Miranda’

Image: Marco Kesseler/ MASHABLE

I do not truly see TELEVISION, I do not imply to sound clich however I truly dont. Oh, I do understand it! Its Miranda. Sid Ozgurcu, style PR.


Image: Marco Kesseler/ MASHABLE

” Is that …? I have no idea! That was a Queen Victoria feat?” Taislany Gomes, style and appeal blog writer.

‘ Atonement’

Image: Marco Kesseler/ MASHABLE

” I’m Italian so I actually have no idea.” Sabrina Bonatesta, trainee.

‘ The Office’

Image: Marco Kesseler/ MASHABLE

Isnt that The Office!.?. !? Natalie Winter, professional photographer and blog writer.

‘ Call the Midwife’

Image: Marco Kesseler/ MASHABLE

” Probably not to be truthful Oh I understand that a person I believe. Is that Call the Midwife!.?.!?” Lily, style PR intern at The London Fashion Agency.

‘ Sense and Sensibility’

Image: Marco Kesseler/ MASHABLE

I understand its not Pride and Prejudice. Pretty Woman!.?.!? I seem like as quickly as you inform me Im mosting likely to understand exactly what it is. Jasmine Rooney, PR assistant at Whistles.

Additional reporting by Lindsay Davis.

Photography by Marco Kesseler.

Image modifying by Dustin Drankoski.