Wildlife sanctuary free to good owner as long as you care for the animals

Harry Kunz casts across the country internet after an unsuccessful five-year look for a follower at Eagles Nest wildlife medical facility

Having fielded numerous indecentproposals for his north Queensland wildlife sanctuary for many years, Harry Kunz has actually now extended a really good among his own.

Kunz wishes to hand out his two-hectare sanctuary and home on the stunning Atherton tablelands.

The only catch? That the next owners continue looking after the more than 1,200 hurt or orphaned native animals taken in by the sanctuary every year.

Kunz is casting an across the country internet for prospects after an useless five-year look for a follower at his Eagles Nest wildlife health center .

Drug dealerships have actually formerly advised him to forget the requirement for humanitarian financing assistance, assuring him $100,000 a year to permit a dope plantation on the remote home rather, he states.

Some who believe Im a senile old moron offering his home and home away eye your home and not the animals, he states, figuring that having a canine or feline certifies them to look after birds of victim and marsupials. Others see the size of his bird enclosures and propose turning the sanctuary into a zoo.

Ive had a couple of deals however I stated no, I desire this continuing as a wildlife healthcare facility since thats what Ive aimed to provide for practically 30 years now, Kunz states. I do not wish to lose exactly what I constructed and produced up, every shred, with all my cash.

The medical facility was influenced by Kunzs early experiences on his arrival in Sydney in 1982 seeing hurt native birds such as cockatoos and galahs put down by Australian veterinarians.

I got a shock due to the fact that, where I originate from in Austria, a sulphur-crested cockatoo was $3,000 in an animal store. I didnt understand you might purchase them here for $10, he states.

For me it was an unique fantastic bird who had simply a damaged wing. Whats the huge offer? Anyone can repair this.

Eagles Nest boasts a 78% survival rate for saved animals.

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Harry Kunz states he has actually taken in every types
possible in north Queensland bar hairy-nosed wombats and crocodiles. Photo: Tess Brosnan

Kunz states he has actually taken in every types you can possibly imagine in north Queensland bar hairy-nosed wombats and crocodiles. Birds of victim, cassowaries, emus, koalas have actually all been looked after.

Patients are frequently struck by automobiles, assaulted by domestic canines or felines, or made ill by indiscriminately utilized pesticides or toxins.

Occasionally regional kids appear looking for take care of orphaned joeys or wallabies as their daddies, who shot the animals moms and dads, sit sheepishly in their utes, Kunz stated.

He states the most significant success I can have in his regional education efforts is to sway visitors far from leisure searching.

The worst thing Ive found is that 98% of searching is done since its enjoyable, he states. Some individuals state, Next year when it matures I can shoot it.

On the weekend, celebrations of 6 or 7 individuals will go to the club then take their weapons and eliminate shooting everything birds, possums, whatever moves, whatever they see.

Ive got eagles with gunshot injuries, falcon hawk, cockatoos, you call it.

There is no larger, stupider predator than people.

Animals that cant be gone back to the wild live on in the sanctuary.

Kunz states it would be finest run by a little group of enthusiastic animal enthusiasts, preferably a couple or household.

The sanctuary he has actually produced, in an area of jungles, warm springs and waterfalls, is frequently explained by visitors as a paradise, he states.

Flocks of rainbow lorikeets boil down, you have breakfast with the animals, its a stunning location.

Prospective followers would be welcomed to train at the sanctuary with Kunz, for as long as they require, prior to he chooses the most ideal to continue his tradition.

He states he can teach everything, from where to get complimentary truckloads of bananas or sweet potatoes from encouraging farmers, to preserving the personal, federal government and business grants that keep the location running.

The only thing they require is the love for our environment and wildlife, and sound judgment.

  • This story was changed on 3 October 2016 to remedy the surname of the sanctuarys owner.