Woman expertly pranks people who won’t stop asking when she’s having kids

Choosing to have kids is among the most essential, individual choices a human can make. Naturally, it’s one of the choices individuals like to be meddlesome about.

Tired of being asked when she and her partner would have kids, one lady, Imgur user marlboroprincess , chose to react with a trick. She published a couple of “pregnancy” photos including a mystical bump later on exposed to be the couple’s pup, Leelu.

“Close enough, right?” she composed in the caption.

Since it was published, the creative picture set has actually gotten over a thousand remarks much of them compassionate.

“My child was less than a week old when individuals began pestering us about having a 2nd kid,” one commenter composed.

And given that this is the web, a couple of individuals simply cannot overcome how charming Leelu the canine is.

“That is the prettiest newborn I have actually ever seen,” a single person stated.

Congratulations to the pleased couple.